"Setting The Gold Standard For Athletic Evaluation"

What is the APQ?

The APQ (Athletic Performance Quotient) is a method of evaluating athletic performance as well as the athletic potential of the amateur athlete. Until now, there has never been a standardized method for evaluating athletes. The APQ allows athletes to be compared using the same criteria time and time again. The APQ is to athletes like the GPA is to academics. The participant will receive a score on a 4.0 scale which represents the APQ.

APQ Scale:

4.0 - 100th Percentile = Excellent

3.0 - 75th Percentile = Above Average

2.0 - 50th Percentile = Average

1.0 - 25th Percentile = Below Average

0.0 - 0 Percentile = Poor

How does the APQ work?

The APQ allows for objective quantifiable data which is reproducible time and time again. Before the APQ, there was so much misinformation concerning athletic evaluation. Stopwatches and the naked eye are subjective and are seldom accurate or reliable. The APQ takes subjectivity out of the equation and utilizes state of the art technology to accurately evaluate an athlete and give them reliable data.

The APQ gives the athlete feedback as to where their strengths and weaknesses are in relation to the different aspects being measured. This information is invaluable to the athlete, parents, trainers and coaches.

The five categories are as follows:

    1. Flexibility & Balance
    2. Hand Eye Coordination
    3. Speed
    4. Agility
    5. Power & Strength

APQ is a mobile company so we are able to come to you for the evaluation.

Why utilize the APQ?

The APQ gives the athlete a baseline as to where they are currently in regards to the different drills. The APQ also allows the athlete to compare themselves to other athletes in their age group, specific sport, specific position, town, city, county, region, state and country. Having a quarterly APQ evaluation allows the athlete to be able to compare to previous tests. Being a new company, the more athletes that are evaluated, the more accurate and precise the APQ becomes.

Each participant will have access to protocols which include drills and sample workouts that will help the child improve the score in each category. There will be workout logs available to track the participant.


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